Happy birthday to the international hip-hop artist and songswriter Sethoo Gh the "Americana "
Since the release of come back album by the sparkling hip-hop artist Sethoo Gh the "Americana" has enormously gained popularity worldwide with millions of streams and downloads

   Sethoo Gh is a sensational hip-hop artist and songwriter who's lyrical concepts are overwhelmingly impacted on the relevance of mankind on the emphasis of cultural and social life.
 The hip-hop artist and songwriter Sethoo Gh is internationally recognized due to his remarkable lyrical concepts impacted from his songs

  Today marks the remarkable birthday of the super star and international hip-hop artist, Sethoo Gh the "Americana" and he's gaining millions of birthday wishes especially from UK, Africa and worldwide by his august funs and followers across the social media handlers and the Rocket Media in UK celebrates his remarkable birthday today with funs and followers worldwide

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