The Americana, "Sethoo Gh" who's a sensational hip-hop artist and songwriter has declared unity among Ghanaian music legends and infant musicians purposely for enormous and firm music family with regard for togetherness due to the current hatred among Ghanaian music legends and infant musicians

  The Americana, Sethoo Gh in an exclusive interview with Adomghana.com disclosed the relevance of togetherness can positively impact the acquisition of overwhelmingly firm and supportive music family in comparison to the current hatred crisis hitting among Ghanaian music legends and infants

He further indicated the motive behind his trendy track tagged "neighbor" which has enormously gained popularity with millions downloads in UK and Africa with the lyrical concept of togetherness and good neighborhood
  The hip-hop burner and songwriter Sethoo Gh stressed significantly that, Ghana has innumerable multitalented musicians as compared to other competitive African countries but the major challenge in the Ghanaian music kingdom is hatred which can eventually collapse the Ghanaian music industry
He therefore urged Ghanaian musicians to ensure togetherness

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