Wendy Shay responded purposely for damn evidence to kelvynbwoy's  reluctant tolerance with her publicly at the peaceful forum issued for Shatta and Stonebwoy dispute settlement.

 This incident triggered alarming public interest debatably geared with the Rufftown records star Wendy Shay at Shatta and Stonebwoy’s Peace conference

       Ghanaians issued divergent criticisms with emphasis regarding to the reaction rendered by kelvynbwoy with the perception behind gentleman to treat a lady unfairly

 Kelynbwoy confirmed his   motive behind the issue In an exclusive interview on Okay FM, his indications was not intentionally to snub Wendy Shay but was in  hurry.

Wendy shay attempted to hug kelvynbwoy with greatly smiling face but he briskly snubbed her and turned to the next person

 Wendy Shay proved to the social media that Kelvynboy's reactions at  the Peace conference for  snubbing her is just 10% of life incident and 90%  is our response to it and she's never bothered to kelvynbwoy's unfair welcome to her

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