Since the Nkwasia wuo hit maker, "Anamon" warned "Six Stones" to ensure vigilance with regard to unscrupulous elegant sexy body shapes of some girls to deceive men with regard to false shapes has vastly triggered speculations nationwide with a lot criticisms by youthful ladies

"Anamon" punched on the fact that some feminine body shapes are enhanced by medical injections for extremely possession of sexy shapes to deceive men“Some women accommodates the use of foam and rubber designed clothes to enlarge their sexy shapes ; some wear more trousers to stuff their hips and buttocks with panties or butt pads with regard to artificial buttocks and hips to enhance their body shapes.

Well the "Pampee" hit maker "Six Stones" likewise revealed to the public that Anamon's fiancee was tremendously blessed with extraordinarily heavier body shape and was charmed by it

    As his name "Anamon" suggest footsteps, "Six Stones" indicated he's also emulating the footsteps of "Anamon" the Nkwasia Wuo hit maker as his name Anamon suggests footsteps

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