Sethoo Gh is the new face of African music
   Ghanaian sensational hip-hop artist and song writer Seth Owusu Kwakye known in stage as Sethoo Gh the Americana was born in 1992 into the family of Mr and Mrs Owusu.The reputable hip-hop artist and song writer;
     Sethoo Gh is the last born to his mother and had his education in Institute for Professional and Executive Development UK (IPED-UK) with vast success
  The hip-hop artist and song writer, Sethoo Gh the Americana had his overwhelming talent in music at a caring age of twelve .His upbringing as a child is memory and he wishes to share his dignified legacy as a movie for all.
   He has the motivation that " life is full of obstacles and no condition is permanent if only you believe in our gigantic God.
   He is the new face of African music and trending Hip-hop Ghana Globally.
    Education for the sparkling star Sethoo Gh the Americana was achieved by perseverance with self actualization zeal and gained prestigious success. His nickname Sethoo Gh is derived from his name Seth Owusu kwakye and he gets numerous encouragements by his fellows to be musician with regard to his vast music talent.
   "He said, he is Musically married to the craft with an expectation to see it through till death do us part.He derive his inspiration from his own experience which is indeed diverse due to the structures of his struggle.His message is clear and coupled with hope for all music lovers worldwide with  inspirational in relation to the  music Kingdom.
     His desire as a musician is not only sparkling his name Sethoo Gh in the music industry but gearing towards the vastly opportunity to put an endless smile on the face of people.
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Sethoo - BMW(Mixed by Nayas)
●Sethoo Gh - Come back (Mixed By Nayas Beatz
●Sethoo Gh - My love (Mixed By Nayas Beatz DOWNLOAD
●Sethoo Gh - Neighbour (Mixed By Nayas Beatz
●Sethoo Gh - No Pain No Gain (Mixed By Nayas Beatz
●Sethoo Gh - Show your money (Mixed By Nayas Beatz)
●Sethoo Gh - Treat (Mixed By Nayas Beatz) DOWNLOAD
●Sethoo Gh - No Money No Love (Mixed By Nayas Beatz)

 ●Sethoo Gh - Confession (Mixed By Nayas Beatz)
●Sethoo Gh - True Love (Mixed By Nayas Beatz)
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