Popular Ghanaian musician Anamon footsteps the front liner of Papabi Production.As well known he always releases controversial musics, Last two years he released Nkwasia wuo and we got DJ beaten severely after played.Anamon footsteps hit back once again a controversial tune title Okomfo Bone and he was treatened by Okomfo Anfanfire last month ago.This week ,28th April 2019 Nana Amoako a hoster of Ash Fm" caught up Anamon on his program interviewing him about how his new trending Okomfo bone is moving.

Anamon footsteps once again disclosed to AshFm ,He has not get his peace of mind ever since he release the track "Okomfo Bone ,He said some of the fake priests in the country are treating to assassinate his life.They taught my new hit will collapse their evil acts and then they intimidate me to stop pushing the track .i won't because I want to educate my peoples to stop visiting the fake priests, They will receive a huge amount of money and defraud you. 

During the interview Okomfo Anfanfire called the studio line to explain further, Kwaku Anfanfire Ghanaian priest said he is very powerful, that he has claimed he's the 'spiritual father' of some of the most powerful preachers in Africa.And reveals that due to Anamon komfo bone song some peoples thinks his name mentioned in the track and he has not find things better again so he is watching him for a while.He won't say what will happen to Anamon but he won't be able to see the sun again. 
Anamon replied back he is doing his music and this priest is not the only one call Anfanfire so he should stop treaten him because he don't fear juju.Anamon questioned him, The question was why did you choose to threaten me whiles you know u are true priest ?Then moment okomfo anfanfire turn off his number. 

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