BET Award nominee, Kwesi Arthur has revealed the struggles he went through which propelled him to becoming a security guard at the expense of his music career.
According to Kwesi Arthur, there was a point in his career where things became so stagnated that he decided to ditch music to get a job as a security guard.

Speaking on Okay Fm, he recounted how the beginning of his career was good but things took the wrong turn when the producer he was working with; who gave him studio sessions got an issue and that put an abrupt end to his music career.
Due to the issues, there was no way forward for him and without music, he was simply in the house with his family members always on his neck to get a job.
Due to the pressure, Kwesi Arthur was forced to apply and get a job as part of a security company which he did but just before he started work, the producer called him to sort their issues and that led to the resumption of his music career.
The rest, as they say, is history.