Early last month specifically July 6, 2018, marked exactly four years Ghanaian hiplife musician, Theophilus Tagoe otherwise known as Castro in Showbiz and Janet Bandu mysteriously disappeared while on holiday at Ada.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether the musician is still alive or died alongside the girlfriend who was riding on the Jet Ski at Ada towards the estuary on the said date.

 But an Occultist and self-confessed undersea dweller, Obaatan-X is of the view is alive and kicking and currently based in ‘second heaven’ which is why he is not returning.

The Occultist who claimed to have given his life to Christ, told Fancy Di Maria in an interview on Angel Sunset Drive MyNewsGh.com keenly monitored, that, “Castro is still alive; he should have returned on 15th September 2016, but because of how sweet life is under the sea, he has decided not to come now; he is now fat and looking fresh”

 Obaatan-X, a failed musician insists he will return and it will shock everybody, contrary to speculations and prophecies that the ‘Odo Pa’ hitmaker has passed on.